About us
Founded in 2008, CBD Education specializes in researching and implementing the integration of educational institutions (both universities of applied science and universities) with enterprises. We provide full service in the design and development of study systems that are based on our extensive practice experience in the Chinese educational environment. Enterprises provide us with their resources (e.g. SEO simulation systems) and authorize us to translate them into practical study systems. Then, we tailor the systems according to the specific needs of the educational institutions. After the implementation, our qualified staff teaches the students in working and learning with the systems. We call our approach “CBD dual system”, which is recognized by the Ministry of Education of the PRC and supported by leading enterprises in the industry. A few examples of our strategic partners are Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent and multiple companies in Z-Park (Chinese equivalent of Silicon Valley). Until today, we have already implemented various types of programs in more than 200 universities and colleges.
For already three consecutive years (2016-2018), the Ministry of Education of the PRC has honored CBD Education as one of the leading companies fostering the integration of industry and education.
After 10 years of operations, CBD Education Group has grown to one of the leading education enterprises and now encompasses CBD Education and Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Lingdong (Tianjin) Technology Co., Ltd., CBD research institutes for integration of enterprises and Studies, and CBD Colleges.

Our core competences
Extensive experience in cooperating with enterprises and educational institutions
Strong support from politics and enterprises
Deep understanding of industry needs
Excellent system development and implementation capabilities

CBD Colleges:
CBD College is a large innovative training project for higher educational institutes launched by CBD Education. The project is based on reforms promoted by the State Council that aim to enhance the cooperation between companies and educational institutions. Being part of this journey, we cooperate with universities and well-known enterprises, such as Baidu and Alibaba, to provide students with higher quality education and a better study experience.
Our CBD Colleges are secondary colleges that belong to our partner universities and colleges. This means that they are hierarchically at the same level as different faculties of the respective university or college. Each CBD College in turn consists of a varying number of different special fields, including Business, IT and Smart Technology. In order to offer our services to an even larger group of students, we are continuously expanding our scope of special fields. Considering the guidelines of the partner schools, most operations of CBD Colleges are managed independently by ourselves.  
CBD Colleges introduce advanced concepts and courses from internationally renowned universities of applied science and companies. Our students benefit from a holistic course system that focuses on applying the acquired skills and is closely aligned with the needs of the industry. From the very beginning of their studies, students can immerse into a realistic professional setting in which they can develop hard skills that prepare them for their future job. Additionally, students are provided with a solid basis of theory and background knowledge to enable them to make the fullest of the more practically oriented parts.
With this combination of theory, innovative teaching methods, realistic training environments and teachers combining both theoretical and practical backgrounds, we are developing the best practice-oriented education environment for students.